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I was 20 yrs old when I started a specialize hollow ware apprenticeship under a Master Silversmith. Up to that point I spent my childhood in and around my fathers custom welding and fabrication shop. I was fortunate to find myself in a 7 year apprenticeship specializing in the repair and fabrication of fine sterling hollow wares. There I restored for companies including “Bron-Shoe”, “Cincinnati Plating” and others, affording me a wonderful knowledge and technical skills base in sterling hollow ware fabrication, repair and polishing.

Later I would serve as Cincinnati Plating and Repairs silver hollow ware restoration and fabrication specialist, until I open my own metal restoration company “Robben Restoration” in Cincinnati Ohio. In 2007 I built a new restoration shop at the location of my home in West Harrison Indiana. My new shop was designed to work in the most efficient manor with state of the art equipment and security, with a vast assortment of custom designed and hand crafted tools.

Every day I enjoy the art of taking items people think cannot be restored back to treasured pieces again. I hear the same question from my clients, “Is that the piece I sent you?” It fills me with great pride that my 30+ years has earned me the reputation as the “Go to” specialist for all sterling silver filled wares. Every item that enters my shop be it a chalice for the Arch Bishop or a customer looking for an excellent restoration on a precious family heirloom, receives the same specialized attention to detail. Almost all calls coming into my shop will reach me. I will estimate your restoration and then I will restore your heirloom. If you have a question I will be happy to answer it before, during or after the Restoration process.

Have your damaged silver heirlooms returned to their original beauty by Robben Metal Restoration Specialist


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