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I restore other metals, such as pewter, brass, copper, white metal and speltzer. I also restore silver and gold plated wares. I am often asked if it is possible to repair a plated piece without re-plating. I do many repairs without re-plating.

Pewter tea set

This pewter tea set was straightened, dents removed and polished with a satin finish. It is also an option to have pewter finished in a high polished finish.

Pewter Tea Set-1
Pewter Tea Set-2
Gold plated crown

This crown was crushed. I straightened the metal, soldered the breaks and polished. The crown was missing pieces. The client choose not to have the missing pieces replaced.

Gold Plated Crown-1
Gold Plated Crown-2
Brass Lacquered candelabra

I disassembled the candelabra, removed the lacquer, straightened soldered and machine polished then reassembled.

Brass Lacquered Candelabra-1
Brass Lacquered Candelabra-2

Have your damaged silver heirlooms returned to their original beauty by Robben Metal Restoration Specialist


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