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I restore many hollowware items that do not contain fill. It is important to know the base metal of what is being restored.

All metal, sterling, silver plate ,white metal and even speltzer (pot metal) can be restored. Most often a picture will let me tell what metal we are working with. When I know what the metal is, the restoration my customer is requesting and the condition I am starting with, an estimate can be formed. As with filled wares, a wide range of restorations are possible.

Sterling 20" by 30" English Sterling Easel back figural mirror.

The sterling was in poor condition from lack of care and storage conditions. The piece had previous repair and lacquer.


The lacquer was removed, sterling straightened. The velvet backing was cleaned and the breaks soldered. Then a special frame was constructed to prepare to polish the intricate design.

The frame was then detailed and placed back onto the clean velvet easel back frame. Truly an amazing piece to work with.

Sterling silver Victorian figural bowl holder. The applied lacquer has yellowed.

I dismantled the piece, put the pieces through several different bath to remove the lacquer. The pieces were then machine polished and then reassembled. I used Hagerty Silver Spray Polish, as an easy effective way to prevent tarnishing. I do not recommend lacquering because the lacquers seal is problematic and is costly to remove.

Sterling Silver Victorian figural bowl holder-1
Sterling Silver Victorian figural bowl holder-2
Sterling baby cup and fork. Baby wares are a common restoration request.

Having ones baby cup or bowl restored for the new child or Grand child is a wonderful way to welcome a baby into the family, but it must be presentable. I straightened the tines, removed the dent(optional), cleaned and polished. Sometimes a monogram removal is ordered. Some customers want a monogram added. I don’t engrave, however we have a wonderful referral upon request.

Sterling Baby Cup And Fork Restoration-1
Sterling Baby Cup And Fork Restoration-2
Silver Plated bread basket.

The handle was bent and broken and the silver looked to be in very bad condition. I started with assessing the condition of the silver plate and determined it was in very good condition. I then straighten the handle and aligned the breaks . I soldered the handle with a soft silver bearing solder so the color would be as close as possible to the finish. The soldered section of the handle was detailed and polished along with the rest of the basket.

Silver Plated Bread Basket-1
Silver Plated Bread Basket-2

Have your damaged silver heirlooms returned to their original beauty by Robben Metal Restoration Specialist


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