Sterling silver restoration services helps to preserve your silver pieces. Sterling silver is a metal alloy that is at least 92% pure silver that is mixed with an alloy to improve its durability. At one time sterling silver was used to make a wide range of items. This precious metal is still used today primarily for jewelry making. Silver plating has taken the place of sterling in most other items like trays, silverware, frames, mirrors and more.

Preserving the Craftsmanship

Sterling silver restoration services can help to preserve the historical value of items crafted from this metal. With expert care, restoration activities can:

  • Mend broken pieces
  • Replace missing pieces with fabrication
  • Filled hollowware restoration
  • Non-filled hollowware restoration
  • Dent removal

Preserving sterling silver pieces is easy when there is a restoration expert on the job. Many people have found that items they assumed were beyond repair can be repaired by an experienced silversmith. The right silversmith will be able to tell you whether restoration is possible for your item.

The History

Many older pieces that have been handed down through the generations are rich in family history. Even pieces that are found in second hand shops, at estate sales, flea markets and more can have a story to tell, restoration can be the catalyst for your piece to speak again. It is hard to come by pieces today that are crafted from solid sterling silver, when you do, remember that the history of this craftsmanship is well worth saving. Robben Restoration has the skill set to renew old sterling pieces that are in need of a little TLC (or a lot of TLC).Frames, hair brushes, compacts, tea sets, candle stick holders, cups, plates and more can be returned to their former glory with attention from Robben Restoration!

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